Archive Old or Test Customer Data

Post date: May 15, 2012 9:10:53 PM

Have you created test customer during the initial testing or configuration? While we offer a separate test/staging environment that is isolated from production, we understand that you may still decide to create a test customer in the production environment in order to quickly test a new billing Plan or other feature.

Historically, you could not delete a customer once it had transaction data (i.e., had Orders or Invoices or Payments) since it would compromise accounting integrity. Now, however if you click on the "Delete Customer" button for a customer with transactions, you will be prompted to "archive" this customer instead.

Steps to follow to Archive a Customer:

1. From the Customer Account Summary page, select the Delete Customer button.

2. Pop up menu will ask whether you want to archive the customer, click OK.

3. You have now successfully archived a customer.

Archived customers do not show up on the application screens or reports. but they may be queried for (using the Search functions). Behind the scenes, the BluBilling system sets the customer status to "InActive3" which suppresses displaying these entities on most screens. You can achieve the same effect by manually changing the customer status to "InActive3" using the "Edit Customer" screen.