Enabling Two-Factor Authentication for BluSynergy BluBilling 

Note: Currently, the Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator applications are the only supported mechanisms for 2FA. Specifically, the phone text message or email based OTP methods are NOT supported, due to the well known security problems with these approaches. 

This guide shows you the steps for enabling multi-factor / two-factor authentication in your organization for enhanced security. 

3. Each Staff User needs to install the Authenticator Application on their mobile device - The     next time the user with MFA enabled logs in, they will be prompted to register for 2FA. 

You will need to select from a currently supported mobile devices:

And then select the multi-factor provider application you wish to use:

These mobile applications are available free of charge from either the Apple or Google/Android app stores and selecting the above links will display a QR code. Scan this QR code using your mobile device to be redirected to your app store where these apps can be downloaded. 

Using your mobile device, get (or update) the Authenticator application and then Open it. 

4. Each Staff User needs to register for the 1st time - Now, back on the BluSynergy BluBilling                screen click the “Register” button and you will see another QR code, along with a “Scan the QR code     with your Microsoft Authenticator app” message. At this point click on the “add account” or “+”         button on your authenticator app where it will prompt you to scan a QR code (make sure you give       the Authenticator app permission to access your camera). 

On success you will see that the blusynergy app is registered and your login username will also be displayed. Below this is your verification code that keeps changing every 30 seconds. 

Now, back on the BluSynergy BluBilling screen click the “Next” button and you will be prompted to enter your first verification code to complete the registration process.

 5.Enter the 2FA verification code each time the Staff User logs in- Once the registration is successful, you will be logged in. On subsequent logins, you will be prompted to enter a verification code after the login screen each time. To do this open the selected authenticator application on your mobile device and follow the same process. Note that the verification code must  correspond to your blusynergy username (you may have multiple applications registered in your authenticator, please pick the right verification code by ensuring that it shows “blusynergy” plus your username as in the screenshot above.