2) Configuring Security for Salesforce

This topic is applicable if you wish to selectively grant access to the Invoices and Payments to certain Salesforce users only.

 Create Permission Sets in Salesforce

  Go To “Setup >> Manage Users >> Permission Sets”

  fig 1.1 new permission set    

    Click on “New” to create a permission set, this brings up a screen to enter the values. 

    Enter Label, API Name etc and click “Save”.

  fig 1.2 create permission set 

    In the next page click on “Object Settings” under Apps section.

   fig 1.3 object settings 

        In the Objects list page  click on “Invoices”.

NOTE : To export Account to BluBIlling automatically, check BlySynergy Tab for selected options for automation(Use this link and go to 7th point for more details). This automation needs "Logs" and "Configuration" custom objects read, write, viewAll, ModifyAll permissions. Create new permission set and Grant those permissions and assign to the users who involve in operation.

   fig 1.4 select invoice object

    Click on “Edit” button and enable the required permissions. 

   fig 1.5 edit invoice object permissions 

   fig 1.6 enable permissions 

    after making changes click on "Save".

    Now the Invoice object is accessible. 


  fig 1.7 invoice object

  repeat the same process  for  Invoicelineitem, InvoicePayment and  Payment.


  fig 1.8 invoice line item, payment and invoice payment objects 

This concludes the security configuration process.