SFTP Access

The BluSynergy eBill product supports the well established Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) standard (also known as the SSH File Transfer Protocol) for the transmission of CSV data files between client systems and the BluSynergy servers.

Security is controlled in SSH fashion using public and private keys (PKI). This document outlines the procedure for generating a public key which is then used to permit SFTP access. The generated public key is ".pub" file which can be transmitted over email to the BluSynergy support group. By it's very definition, your "public key" is available to anybody without compromising your security.

Creating a SSH Key on Windows

You may choose to use an existing public/private key pair, or you may generate them now using ssh-keygen, PuTTYgen or a similar tool

PuttyGen is a popular SSH tool for Windows, and the instructions for generating the SSH key are available in their user manual:


Creating a SSH Key on Linux / Unix/ Mac OS X

5. Click <Enter> to accept the default location and file name. If the .ssh directory doesn't exist, the system creates one for you.

6. Enter, and confirm, a passphrase when prompted. Sample screen:

Using the public key for SFTP Access

The file with the ".pub" extension is required by BluSynergy to provision SFTP access. Please attach the ".pub" file and email the file to our support team. Please note that your private key is confidential, and should never be transmitted or given to anybody.

Once you receive an email notice stating your SFTP account is active, you may transmit files. It is usually helpful to manually verify the connection.