9.12 Create Sales Agents/Affiliates

Sales Agents/Affiliates associated with the company can be recorded in the system very easily using the below few simple steps.  

Figure 1: Setting up of Sales Agents

    2. Click on Create a Sales Agent.

    3. Fill in the Name and email for the Sales Agent.

Figure 2: Explains the fields for Setting up of Sales Agents

    4. Click on Show/Hide Advanced Options 

Figure 3: Explains the fields of advanced options

    Quota Commission Code: Select the applicable quota code from the drop down (created during the commission plan             creation)

    Quota Amount: Enter the amount the sales agent has to hit in order to get the desired commission

    Notifications Enabled: Enable this to send out notifications to sales agents

    Commission Plan: Select the applicable commission plan for the sales agent

    Commission Active: Select to activate the plan


    5. Click on Show / Hide Address Details

Figure 4: Explains the fields of address fields

    8. If  the sales agent belongs to a Sales Agent Group. If the Sales Agent's contract is for only one of the available commission plans, select the appropriate plan from the drop down list.

    9. If the Commission Plan varies by customer and order, leave this option blank. You will be able to assign the          commission plan at the time of order creation.

Figure 5: Explains the sales agent login fields

    10. For the other options - Referring Sales Agents, Sales Agent Logins and Payment disbursements to Sales                 Agents, please contact support at support@blusynergy.com

Note: If the sales agent's commission plan is fixed to just one of the available plans, choose the applicable plan by selecting it from the drop down menu. If the commission plan varies by order then leave it blank