eBill is BluSynergy’s contemporary Billing/EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment& Payment) solution. eBill automates bill presentment, allows customers to self-manage their account. Your customers can sign up for paperless billing or receive notification text messages (SMS) on their mobile phones. eBill integrates with back office accounting systems and allows for single sign on (SSO), providing an end-to-end EBPP solution. The solution can be embedded in your website matching your company’s branding and look and feel.

eBill  provides a simple process for your customers to auto-pay or remit at their option. A merchant account with a banking institution is required, funds are then processed directly into your account. If you do not have an existing merchant account, we can help you obtain one. eBill  reduces receivable days and provides customer friendly solutions for enhanced client satisfaction and retention.

We also offer integration through easy to use API's or file Transfers, enabling you to automate the actions that a user would perform through our application. eBill acts as an effective link between the ERP Systems and the CRM, tracking and relaying information bi - directionally. <<insert hyperlink eBill Integration Guide>>

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