Changing the OAuth Security Credentials associated with the BluSynergy Salesforce Connector

To change the OAuth Security Credentials , follow this sequence of steps:

Step 1: Go to [Setup >> Manage Apps >> Connected Apps] and click on the BluSynergy app from the list.


 Fig 1 : Manage connected Apps

Step 2: Verify that the circled permissions are there. If not, you may click edit and change them.


Fig 2 : View connected App details

Step 3: If the settings are correct and you are still experiencing errors, then you can either change the OAuth Consumer Key and Secret Key for the user or simply create a new Connected App. The following steps show you the process of configuring a new “Connected App” in Salesforce, and then using this new Connected App for BluSynergy access. 

Back on the previous screen, click on the “New” button. You must perform this action while logged into Salesforce as the user under whose security context you want the BluSynergy API to operate.

Fig 3 : Edit Connected App

Step 4: Copy all the values from the previous setting (it is easier if you open the existing settings in a new browser window so that you can cut and paste the values) . The purpose behind this step is enable creation of a new OAuth Consumer Key and Consumer Secret under the security context of the currently logged on user.

Make sure the "Callback URL" is in this form (replace "yourcompany" with your assigned URL or "domain prefix", and change "blubilling-test" according to the system you are granted access to):


Fig 4 : Create new connected App

Step 5: When you click “Save” you will be see the new values for the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. You will need these 2 values for the next steps

Fig 5 : Review Connected App

Step 6: Now click the “+” tab on the top row, and then the “BluSynergy” app.

Fig 6 : Select BluSynergy

Step 7: Now, click on the “Configure Inbound Integration” link, and then enter in the new values for the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from step 8. Click the Verify key and ensure that you get a positive confirmation message.

Fig 7 : Configuring inbound Integration

Step 8: Once you have completed this, you can log into your BluSynergy application as an Administrator, navigate to the [System >> Integration Settings >> Salesforce CRM] screen and click on the link at the bottom that says “Click here to update Salesforce with Customer Balance and Status information for ALL customers”. This operation will take a while to complete.

Fig 8 : Salesforce Integration feature in BluSynergy