Auto Renew Orders

This is a feature you would want to use for  Plans that are subscribed to for a fixed period (say, a year) but automatically renew for another term (Renewal term) if you do not hear otherwise from your customer.You can access the Auto Renew feature from Plans

 So for example, if you have a customer that signs up for a plan that has an Initial Term set to 2 years and a Renewal Term set to 1 year, you will check the Auto Renew box(Fig 1.a below) in order to have the orders associated with the plan to automatically renew after the end of the Initial Term for a duration of the Renewal Term.

Fig. 1.a Auto Renew option on the Edit Plan screen

If the customer wishes to end the subscription after the initial term, you can un check the order associated with that particular customer. For this, from the [Customer Account Summary page>>Order>>EditOrder]. In the Edit order screen, click on the link, "click here to override plan defaults for this order" and uncheck the "auto renew on expiration" box. (see Fig 1.b below)

Fig. 1.b  Edit Order Screen